The P3Life, Inc. is a lifestyle brand, social media platform and partnership organization offering education and inspiration. We are dedicated to help inform every human that desires to discover life on purpose with a plan of intention to be a leader and serve others, maximize potential & explore every possibility to progress in every major area in life. Know your passion. Get positioned. Live on purpose.


The P3Life, Inc. partners with international non-profits, community organizations, and faith-based ministries to address social issues using a lifestyle brand, public speaking, group events, and blogging to raise awareness, supportive resources, participation and a strong supportive volunteer base. Our 3 main goals are:

  • To propel a message of wisdom, hope and healing to individuals & families; To help people live with peace of mind and clear plan & purpose moving forward after difficult life events

  • To promote Biblical values for living that inspires others to shine brilliantly pursuing their passion by creating a powerful conversation regarding choices in interpersonal, relational, professional, financial, and spiritual wellness

  • To propel positive perspective by sharing share stories of success and greatness; to build extraordinary leadership identity in those that choose to be world changers

The P3Life blog features interview-based insight and education through experience to encourage others to excel in their life roles. Monthly topics & segments are written from personal, situations & categorized into inspirational articles easy reading and sharing. We also host panel discussions and educational workshops in collaboration with local agencies and corporate sponsorships.

The P3 Life Blog

Managing time for self-care, family and career priorities is tough. It can be hectic to squeeze everything in one day. The life stories shared here are meant to inspire, encourage and help you identify what?s important, build your faith to know and trust God, and offer practical information. With a bit of intentional focus (lots of humor) and a clear plan?you call have a complete, fulfilled and centered life.

*Know your passion ~ Get positioned ~ Live on purpose *

LaQuenta Martin-Wooten

Founder / Creative Executive Officer


She has always been focused on building a career in business relationship management, financial literacy education, college planning, Biblical study and learning how to make sushi (LaQuenta loves Japanese food). Yet, God had a different plan. LaQuenta never thought she would be a writer, but her texts started becoming really long as she began communicating deeper with people she grew close to…And friends started saying, ?Girl I spent my lunch hour reading these blogs?. And that?s how her purpose was revealed: to share her crazy random thoughts, quotes and life stories on an actual website. Soon she was honored to interview numerous inspirational leaders. She then began to formulate a mentality connecting words, perspective, passion and powerful success. And the P3Life movement was born: to support local and international non-profits, contribute to faith-based organizations and build leaders to become involved with charity and social change. A natural encourager, LaQuenta is often invited as a guest speaker or panelist to share with ladies, parents and youth because of her relatable humor and use of hilarious practical examples. As a passionate worship leader and teacher, LaQuenta holds a special place in her heart for blended families, those impacted by divorce & encouraging couples to build strong spiritual & emotional foundation by healthy communication methods. As a mom & mentor she desires to promote dynamic progress, hope, and healing through a deep personal relationship with God, valuable self-worth, and unbreakable identity & ultimately inspire others to serve, give, love, and live with sparkling brilliance. She doesn?t force Christ, but she will often say, ?Hey, don?t miss the good life with Jesus. Without God as the super-glue holding everything together, life tends to unravel & fall apart??


Christina Martin

Executive Director of Marketing Affairs

They say great things come in small packages?Christina may be petite but she definitely packs huge passion for her generation and a big vision as a servant leader. She can be described as a young woman with wisdom beyond her years. Christina is a free-spirited artsy dancer that walks in joy, maturity and grace. She shares her love for God and shines His light boldly wherever she goes. Professionally, Christina is a financial consultant in one of the most lucrative industries the economy, she entered her career after graduating with a degree in business management. She has built a strong network as an entrepreneur conducting leadership training and facilitating workshops for business owners, professionals, and families. She creates custom blueprints for financial goals, increase savings, and protect assets over time. Ultimately, Christina brings experience and knowledge to make strategic plans that help people have access to more information and retire the way they desire. Personally, Christina loves jazz and a variety of other styles of music, theater productions, fitness, and comedy movies. Like her sister LaQuenta, Christina is a healthy-food-junkie and aspiring vegetarian. She also enjoys traveling, eating cultural foods and spending time with her family or busting a move, she is the life of the party!


William B. Martin III

Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships

They call him Mr. Personality – Get ready to smile as you get to know the eldest of the three Martin siblings, this big brother has always been a natural leader and protector. A gifted writer and incredible promoter, Mr. Will has worked in the entertainment and music industry with artist development and in management roles. He is a charismatic and charming speaker ? passionate about reaching those that are incarcerated, young men and children growing in the digital age. When he is not watching sports or the latest action movie, William seeks to establish opportunities for mentorship and helping people develop and grow. With all of the revelation, growth and wisdom that he has learned in fatherhood and as a husband, sharing openly is an trait that he holds dear to give others the benefit of learning from his life experiences and choices. A compassionate and joyful Man of God, William is a lighthouse and committed to?living life forward! This happy newlywed and father of two sons says his life motto is ?FOWYC?Focus on what you can control?. And that?s exactly what he does everyday.


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